Tanya Wardle 

- Transformational Therapist - 

- Midwife -

I offer transformative therapy to help women overcome difficult experiences and challenging seasons in their lives.

As your therapist I'll guide you through letting go of the negative emotions holding you back or keeping you stuck. Through this non-judgemental, compassionate therapeutic experience you'll release the feelings and thoughts that are not serve you, build your inner strength and positively influence the future you want.

Areas of support include anxiety reduction, trauma symptom relief, overcoming feeling stuck or overwhelm, regaining emotional control and improving the relationship with yourself, partner, child or family.

Specialist areas of expertise include fertility, miscarriage, later term pregnancy loss, traumatic birth or traumatic early motherhood.

''When I first met Tanya, I was in a very dark place after two losses. I was struggling, I had lost myself and I was a shadow of my former self. My mind was moving at a 1000mph.

I worked with Tanya over a seriers of sessions to address my birth trauma and to help calm my mind. Tanya is patient and open minded. Her midwifery background helped me to feel secure in her presence as I didn't feel the need to explain everything in medical terms, she knew.

The sessions were longer, so we never rushed and she always gave me the option how I would like to finish the session. She helped me to clear my mind and see the light again. I finally have hope and can deal with my thoughts in a different way. I willbe forever grateful to Tanya for this.''

- Pen -

''After a traumatic birth and C-section where I really struggled to connect with myself, my new body and partner - Tanya has helped me to heal over these wounds in a safe and open space. I have now been able to accept my birth experience without fearing what I went through thanks to Tanya's help''

- Tamzin -

After suffering from PTSD for 5 years after a traumatic birth and longing for a second child, I decided to seek help. I contacted Tanya and after our initial telephone consultation felt listened to and hopeful, knowing that I could overcome this after thinking it was something I just had to live with. We worked together over several sessions. After our first rewind therapy session I immediately felt like a weight I had been carrying for many years had lifted. I have had subsequent sessions along with birth preparation as after overcoming my PTSD I was able to finally take the step to conceive again!

I can honestly say these sessions have changed my life and I only wish I had found this service sooner.

Tanya is kind and compassionate, she really takes the time to listen to you and tailors your therapy specifically to your needs. As I approach my second birth, I feel I can do so with excitement and joy rather than fear and anxiety.

With gratitude

- Neesa -

Transformative Therapy

Face to Face

Sessions are held at:

Independence House

Holly Bank Road


HD3 3LX 

5 minutes from Jc24, M62

Free parking

Easily accessible by public transport


Via the Zoom platform on your computer, laptop or mobile device.

You can easily login to your session using the ID code and passcode you will recevie once your session is booked. 

Remote sessions overcome the barrier of geography and offer flexibility for your circumstances. They can work very well provided you have internet access in a private and secure space, which I am happy to discuss with you in more detail.

Your Investment

You may already have an idea about how many sessions you'd like or perhaps you are unsure. It really depends on what brought you to working with me and your goals. If you're unsure about what you would most benefit from, we can explore your personal circumstances during our initial phone consultation - so you can take your time and make the best decision for you.

Initial Call - Free

(Approximately 30 - 40 Minutes)

This is for us to get to know each other a little more, for you to share an overview of your personal story, ask any questions you may have and find out more about how the therapeutic process would work for you personally.

There is no obligation to decide or book anything further on this call. This is pressure free open conversation. If and when you decide working with me is the right path for you, just let me know at we can discuss the next step.

Accelerated Healing

2 Hours of Therapeutic Work

45-60 Minute Phone Consolidation Session 

Contact with me as required via text/phone in the week following the session/s


Effortless Transformation

4 Hours of Therapeutic Work 

45-60 Minute Phone Consolidation Session 

Contact with me as required via text/phone between sessions


Empowered Future

6 Hours of Therapeutic Work

45-60 Minute Phone Consolidation Session

Contact with me as required via text/phone between sessions


The ReBirth Method

A bespoke program is for women experiencing primary tokophobia (fear of birth for the first time) or women pregnant again/considering pregnancy after a previous traumatic motherhood experience.

Through this program I will walk with you step by step to dissolve your previous trauma, rebalance your emotions and craft - both practically and subconsciously - for the positive new experience you reality you want.

If this resonates with you, please use the button below to book a free discovery call  or if you prefer, input your details using the contact page.

You may have noticed, if you decide to work with me, I might recommend our therapeutic sessions are 2 hours duration. This allows more time to combine talking therapy with release and transformative work in deep relaxation- where appropriate and with your agreement.

My experience is that working these approaches together simultaneously in a longer session, where indicated, creates extremely effective outcomes of  progress each session. Of course, if you prefer, 1 hour sessions are perfectly possible and any relaxation element of our work together is competely optional. Sessions are bespoke to you and your needs at the time. We can discuss this in more detail during your Initial Call.