Our Philosophy

Maternity Holistic's offers midwife care that prioritises how you feel. After all, how you think and feel directly impacts your life, decisions and relationships. We are all reflections of our inner most dominant thoughts and feelings.

For care to be truely holistic it should support, restore and renew your thinking and emotions because pregnancy, birth and parenthood are more than physical events. 

We look forward to seeing you thrive from the inside out and here's how we can help  ...


KGHypnobirthing Online Parents' Course

One-to-One Teaching 

Anxiety Reduction 

Birth Trauma Resolution

Birth Phobia Resolution 

Pregnancy Loss Resolution



Maternity Holistic's Testimonials & Features 

Featured in Natural Parent magazine:


''After a traumatic birth and C-section where I really struggled to connect with myself, my new body and partner - Tanya has helped me to heal over these wounds in a safe and open space. I have now been able to accept my birth experience without fearing what I went through thanks to Tanya's help''

Tamzin - Birth Trauma Resolution 


After suffering from PTSD for 5 years after a traumatic birth and longing for a second child, I decided to seek help. I contacted Tanya and after our initial telephone consultation felt listened to and hopeful, knowing that I could overcome this after thinking it was something I just had to live with. We worked together over several sessions. After our first rewind therapy session I immediately felt like a weight I had been carrying for many years had lifted. I have had subsequent sessions along with birth preparation as after overcoming my PTSD I was able to finally take the step to conceive again! I can honestly say these sessions have changed my life and I only wish I had found this service sooner. Tanya is kind and compassionate, she really takes the time to listen to you and tailors your therapy specifically to your needs. As I approach my second birth, I feel I can do so with excitement and joy rather than fear and anxiety. With gratitude

Neesa - Birth Trauma Resolution

Safe, Comfortable & Unhurried Space

Face to face appointments in a comfortable, private environment that supports your relaxation, learning or recovery.

Face-to-Face, Home or Live Link  

MATERNITY HOLISTIC'S is based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

Feel more comfortable at home? Free home visit options available up to 30 minutes travel time.

Geography shouldn't be a barrier to your well-being. Live link treatment & sessions availble for wherever you are in the world.


Sessions and Treatments


A comprehensive evidence-based antenatal course rooted in insight and experience of birth as well as practicle skills. These sessions will leave you feeling informed and confident.

Anxiety Reduction - Pregnancy

Whether you need a break from your busy life or to release worries about your birth, this is the ultimate renewal of your mind and body relaxation.

Birth Phobia Resolution

Many women to have worries about birth, but sometimes these fears can be overwhelming. Are you avoiding pregnancy or are you pregnancy and making fears based decisions? This treatment work toward neutralising strong negative emotions connected to birth and creating a positive way forward. 

Anxiety Reduction - Postnatal

Parenthood, especially newborn parenthood, can be a heady mix of devotion, love and exhaustion. There is perhaps no other time where relaxation is more vital yet more unlikely to be prioritised. This session seeks to restore your inner calm, leaving your mind feeling renewed and body refreshed.

Birth & Pregnancy Loss Trauma Resolution

Are you struggling to cope following your birth or pregnancy loss? Emotional trauma is an unseen wound in the mind that negatively impacts your feelings, thoughts and relationships. In just a few sessions this treatment, certified by the Royal College of Midwives and the Human Givens Psychotherapy Institute, works to reprocess the trauma memory and quickly reduce debilitating symptoms.


A little bit about MATERNITY HOLISTIC'S

My name is Tanya Wardle. I am UK Registered Midwife working in the NHS since 2015 and a Mum of two boys.

I set up MATERNITY HOLISTIC'S because I am passionate about improving emotional health during pregnancy-birth-parenthood. It is such a joy and privilege to work with women and couples in a way that elevates their emotional recovery, knowledge and confidence.